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Samples to show how we can work together.
Your interviews are strong primary content.

Your interviews are strong primary content.

We’ll give you polished, dependable production.
AND we’ll create assets from your interviews and make them shareable.
These samples show how we’ll do that.

We’ll start with a video

Video Option 1: We keep your current assets. With this option, we recommend a few changes.
1) Add side-by-side shots to create a more conversational vibe.
2) Increase the size of the speakers’ names and titles to make them easier to read on smaller screens.
3) To mask edits and show that Thomas is listening, when we make a hard edit, we’ll show his camera.

Video Option 2: Our approach adds some tweaks

This option keeps some of the changes we mentioned above and adds a few changes to make the first moments of the interview to make it immediately engaging.
1) We start with one of the guests’ best quotes.
2) We have a voiceover introduce the guest to add gravitas to the guest.

Next, we’ll add an audio podcast

Our goal with this is to reach people on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other audio-first platforms.

To do this, we’ll create podcast cover art, show notes and accompanying material.

Here are some ideas to help us think about the design together.
notion image
notion image
notion image

But a podcast is NOT enough. For proper promotion video clips that are more shareable.

Clip 1: Scroll-Stoppers

These are designed for fast-moving platforms like YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. They’re aimed at people who are scrolling and looking for something interesting to watch.
For these, we add 1) b-roll, 2) movement, 3) captions, 4) music, and more.

Clip 2: Message Clips

These are designed for LinkedIn, blogs and other platforms where people are searching for your message. On these platforms, having too much movement and b-roll feels too distracting because people are trying to pay attention to a message.
We intentionally make these videos look more “homemade,” but the hard work of finding and editing stories with a message is still there.

Clip 3: Fast and Simple

This approach is for clips that need to be created fast or idea that need to be communicated more simply.

Don’t forget text

For business messaging, text is still very effective.
notion image
notion image