Proposal - Eating Glass

Eating Glass

Samples to show how we can work together.

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Your interviews are strong primary content.

We’ll give you polished, dependable production.
AND we’ll create assets from your interviews and make them shareable.
These samples show how we’ll do that.

We’ll make thousands of little improvements

You won’t notice them all, but your audience will feel the difference in quality.

We’ll start with video

Option 1:
Start with a pull quote. Make it instantly interesting.
Use a video of the guest’s company, in the intro.
Cut. Cut. Cut. Anything that’s unnecessary goes away.
Move ads till after you get started.
Option 2:
Closer to what you currently have: Same intro. Same ad placement. Etc.
But…we’re more intentional about who’s on screen and when.
And…improve audio.
Cut. Cut. Cut.

We’ll also add an audio podcast

We recommend using to distribute your podcast, but we’ll use any provider you choose.
1) allows you to distribute to Spotify, Apple, etc.
2) enables dynamic ad placement
3) is quick to add features, like transcripts

We’ll add multiple clips for each interview

We’ll work with you ahead of each interview to help plan for conversations that lead to better clips. But regardless of what you record, we’ll find great clip-able moments and turn them into shareable videos.
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